And so It Begins. . .

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, actually. And here we are. It’s that time.

Yes, I finally had Indian food. Delicious!

But also, I need to start a book blog. This is it. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me! I’ve had a few short-lived blog ideas in the past, but this one will certainly keep me going. After all, I do read — almost every day — and I do write reviews about what I read — almost every book. This seemed like the natural progression of things.

I’m in this blog all by myself (though there are many blogs out there I’ve enjoyed reading over the years and have certainly gleaned some things), which means that I am completely open to any ideas you may have! Have an idea of something I should read? Let me know. Is there a certain layout you think would be more beneficial to the blog? Let me know! I take all criticism with an open mind. . .but I also reject all criticism that I deem to be unwise. Or should that be unWyz?

Well, in the words of so many terrible beer commercials: here we go.


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