Waiting on My Mailbox

Waiting on Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. It’s a way for people to share upcoming releases they are excited about. In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. It’s a way for people to share what books they have received that week (or recently).

Waiting on My Mailbox is what I hope will be a one-time post placed right here on Wyz Reads.

It all started. . .well, truthfully, it all started in August 2010, when I moved into my apartment. The key for my mailbox was an interesting fit, and occasionally* required a little extra jostling to get into the slot. But it worked, so I thought nothing of it.

Then, one day sometime in 2011, the key just flat-out didn’t go in. But the next day, it worked, so again, I thought nothing of it.

(In case you’re wondering, I should probably have been thinking something of it. That isn’t the way keys are designed to work.)

Then, last week happened. Remember, there was a holiday, so there weren’t as many days to check the mail. Actually, that tidbit of information has nothing to do with this story. I mean, sure, I didn’t have to go to the mailbox as much, but that hardly impacts what’s going on here. So last week. My key failed me again. I tried it the next day. Again, nothing. Now, I’m a bit lazy (for those of you who are aware that “a bit” is a far stretch of the truth, I urge you to keep your mouths closed and your fingers restrained from your keyboards and phones. Thank you.), so I waited until after the weekend to notify my apartment complex that I would be needing a new key.

I called Sara (she might have an “h” at the end of her name, but I always envision it as “Sara”) at the apartment office on Monday, and explained that my mailbox key decided to stop working (and that the storm last week blew a piece of siding off the back of my apartment, but again, that really is not relevant to our tale). She understood, and placed in an order to have that replaced. “It should be ready by Wednesday.” Great!

Fast forward to Wednesday (AKA “mailbox day” AKA “Woden’s Day” AKA “today” (if you’re reading this post on its publication day, anyway). I call. The key is in! Hurray! They call. Just kidding! 5 other mailbox keys are in! Mine. . .is not. Should be ready by tomorrow. Hurray?

And so I wait. But why am I bothering to talk about that here?

Now we get to the part of the story that makes this the absolute worst time in the history of mailbox keys to stop working for mine to have stopped working: my Sister Classroom. Jillian Heise, aka “The Sister Classroom” (who tweets at @heisereads and runs an absolutely fantastic book blog at Heise Reads & Recommends) is awesome. And as part of her awesomeness, she went to the American Library Association Annual Conference and snagged some ARCs for her to review, for her students to enjoy, and for other teachers to review and enjoy as well. She sent me 2! She is so wonderful like that. She sent me The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson and Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. And they are currently sitting a mere 100 feet from my apartment! In my likely overflowing mailbox. Separated from me by a thin sheet of metal, sealed shut with a lock that I have the working key to. Well, formerly working key.

And so I wait. And I wait. And I wait on my mailbox [key].

*Note for Gae Polisner: this is that time!

6 thoughts on “Waiting on My Mailbox

  1. hah, kimberly went for a cross social media reference! And, seriously, Brian, there’s gotta be another way to open that box. But your suffering’s almost worth it for this post.

    • I’m not certain if they can open the back, since it’s a mailbox and rife with federal regulations. They probably could let me borrow the key I assume they’re making a copy of, but it’s also probably the only working key in existence, and I can imagine they don’t just hand those out.

      As for Occasion (just did it again), that was just to let Gae know that that was the occasion of “occasion” (yup, again — twice!) I was referring to.

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