On #summerthrowdown


We made it, everybody! What started as an idea just over a month ago has turned into a thing! An actual thing! And then it happened! THE IDEA BECAME A THING AND IT HAPPENED! <ahem> Excuse me. I’m prone to excitement.

So come with me, won’t you, dear reader, and join me on a recap of what this month of #summerthrowdown has been.

Oh, sure, you’re not even going to invite me along? Typical.

Look at that, everyone! We have a guest with us today: Cynical You. We’re glad to have you here, CY.


Well, you’re here anyway, so let’s make the best of it, yeah?

Whatever. Let’s just do this.

I’m not sure what’s into Cynical You today, but let’s proceed.

After 30 intense days of reading, 161 teachers and librarians combined to read 2,869.25 books! That’s an average of–

That’s not even true.

::sigh:: What do you mean, CY? Are you suggesting these teachers and librarians are being dishonest?

No, of course not. But you say they read 2,869.25 books. That’s grossly underestimating the number of books read.

Well. . .yeah, you’re actually right. Since some books counted as less than a full book, we probably read quite a bit more.

Yeah, but not more than 3,000.

I doubt you there, CY. I have a feeling we read over 3,000 books, though I can’t prove it.


Anyway, as I was saying, based on the numbers we have, these teachers and librarians averaged 17.8 books each, which is a pace of over one book every 2 days for each participant!

You rounded that number, didn’t you?

Yes, well, I don’t think most of the readers here care about the exact value. The rounded number carries a lot more meaning here. (And look, I’m trying to run a professional post here, okay? I’m probably going to have more readers here than I usually have, and I want them to enjoy their time here. I’m a bit behind on my reviews, so I want to make sure they know there’s still good stuff here. Can you just let me get through this?)

You said “here” a lot of times in that paragraph. But go on. It’s your funeral.

Thank you. So, with those numbers, I think it’s safe to declare #summerthrowdown a huge success! Congratulations, teachers and librarians! We won!

Whoa. Whoa. WHOA. What do you mean “we” won? Wasn’t #summerthrowdown a competition? I mean, didn’t somebody win and somebody lose? Hold on. I’m going to go look at the spreadsheet. Yeah, right there, it’s clear as day that the–

CY, YOU SIT YOUR BUTT DOWN AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I don’t know what #summerthrowdown you were watching, but there is not ONE single person or team that lost. NOT ONE. We read, officially, close to THREE THOUSAND BOOKS. And you’re going to come on here and tell me that with results like that, somehow somebody lost? As if their reading wasn’t good enough? HOW DARE YOU.

Yes, it is true that the librarians averaged more books read per person than the teachers did (18.82 to 16.63). To them, I say congratulations! You averaged 18.82 books per person! And to the teachers, I say congratulations! We averaged 16.63 books per person! That blows my mind.

Now, CY, you’re welcome to stay here, but if you’re going to be negative towards any group or any individual participant in #summerthrowdown, I will ask you to leave. No questions asked. Are we clear?

Y-yes. Yes, sir.


So, what’s next? Seems like there is a lot of inertia here. And now it’s just over? That’s kinda lame.

Well, that’s just the thing. #summerthrowdown Round One is over. But we’re not done.

Wait: Round One?

That’s right. Round One. So get ready, everybody! Because #summerthrowdown Round Two is right around the corner!

Right around the corner? No time to catch our breath?

NO! Keep reading, everyone! Round Two will begin this Sunday, July 22, and will take us over the next 4 weeks, ending on Saturday, August 18th. The spreadsheet is waiting for people to fill it out, so go ahead and add your name! Click here to begin.

4 weeks? Why not a full month?

Well, a full month only makes good sense if it’s. . .well, an actual month. So we decided to go with 4 weeks. Plus, this way people have a chance to recover before their school years begin.

I see. And who’s this “we” you speak of? I just see one of you.

Sure, I’m the only one here right now, but #summerthrowdown is a culmination of all the participants.

So you asked all 161 people what to do for Round Two?

Well, no. Four of us are heading this up: Jillian, Sherry, Kathy, and myself.

Did you just link to yourself?

Well. . .yeah. I didn’t want to feel left out.

Whatever. Now, I read a pretty long book during #summerthrowdown, and I was pretty upset it was only worth 1 book. Is that going to be fixed?

Fixed? Now come on, CY. No leading questions here. Your finished book counted as a book, did it not?

And you ask me not to ask leading questions. . .. And yeah, it did, but it was worth the same as someone who read a book that was 400 fewer pages!

That’s a fair point. We do have a new system in place for that.

All right!

That didn’t sound too cynical.

Ah. I mean, um. . .oh?

Yes, we do. Here it is. There are no changes for books under 350 pages, but there are changes on the longer end.

0 – 49 pages: 0.25 books

50 – 149 pages: 0.5 books

150 – 349 pages: 1 book

350 – 549 pages: 1.5 books

550 – 749 pages: 2 books

750 – 949 pages: 2.5 books

950 – 1149 pages: 3 books

And so on.

So for every 200 pages past 150 pages, another 0.5 book is added to the value?

That’s the long and short of it, yeah.

I have a better idea.

Good for you.

What if we–

Nope. Don’t bother. This is what we’re going with.

Well, that’s kind of lame. What kind of leaders are you?

Not to toot our own horns, but we led a group that read nearly 3,000 books, so. . .not bad ones?

Whatever. I’m getting bored with this. Is there anything else?

YES! Of course! This post isn’t long enough already!

::rolls eyes::

We have two new badges for the new round of #summerthrowdown. So, if you’d like, grab the image, post it on your blog, and show your dedication to your team!







No fancy Twibbons this time around?

Au contraire, CY! For a new #teamteacher Twibbon, click here. If you’re in the League of Librarians, click here.

Looks like you’ve covered everything.


Seriously? That line?

We obviously want to thank everyone who has helped make #summerthrowdown Round One such a success. On Kathy’s blog, there is a raffle open to all those who participated. All the details can be found there, but the raffle will close on Tuesday, July 24th. Go enter now!

ALSO (because there’s just not enough excitement to contain), we are looking for people to do a guest post on one of our 4 blogs about #summerthrowdown. This post would be about your favorite books and other thoughts from #summerthrowdown. We only need 4 people, but if you’d like to be considered, please fill out the Google Form here.

Okay, this is long enough. I’m out of here.

Sounds good, CY. Thanks for stopping by. And thank you, oh reader, for stopping by as well. I hope to see you in #summerthrowdown Round Two!

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