Best #summerthrowdown Read

Brian’s Note: This week marks the end of the second round of the #summerthrowdown challenge. To celebrate, each of the four organizers has invited 4 teachers and librarians to blog this week about their favorite reads from the summer. That’s a total of 16 guest posters! Be sure to check out their blogs to get the full effect: Heise Reads & RecommendsThe Brain Lair, and Library Fanatic. Check back here throughout the week for more fun!

Today’s post here on Wyz Reads comes to us from Shannon Clark.

I took part in 2 #summerthrowdown challenges this summer. We read books, books, and more books. It was the teachers against the librarians. That’s a lot of reading! 🙂

I read so many good books I can’t even begin to tell you about all of them- I would have to take a leave of absence from work to write thispost! I’m thinking about taking a leave of absence anyway so I can keep on reading. 🙂

When I told Brian I would write a guest post this week I must have lost my mind temporarily since we start back to school on Monday! This has to be the craziest and busiest time of the year to be a teacher. You would think after 8 years of teaching that it would be easier. Nope. 🙂

So this is going to be short. And sweet. 🙂

My number one favorite book of all time that I read this summer is (drumroll please):

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.

It’s written from the point of view of a 9 year old boy during the Holocaust who’s father works closely with Hitler. He and his family have to move because of his father’s job. He sets out exploring one day and meets a friend. Who lives on the other side of the fence. Of a concentration camp.

I’m not going to describe anything else, but I do want to say that this book probably impacted me more than anything I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a lot! It is truly powerful.

I have decided to use it as a read aloud with my 6th graders since we will study WWII and the Holocaust. I can’t wait for the discussions that will take place because of this story!

Oh yeah, GO #teamteacher!!!!!!!!!

Happy Reading!

Shannon Clark is a 5th & 6th grade english/history teacher in Alabama. She tweets at @shannonclark7 and blogs over at I Run Read Teach.


One thought on “Best #summerthrowdown Read

  1. I read TBITSP not long after it was published – loved it. Not long ago I was looking to recommend it to someone and was reading some of the reviews for it – pretty scathing. I liked the narrative, the innocence. Others seemed to find it condescending to the reader and insulting to the victims of WWII. I am still not sure I agree, but the extremity of others opinions on this book gave me something to think about.

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