Announcing the 2013 Frannies!

Welcome, everyone, to the best week of book awards all year! That’s right; I’m talking about the 2013 St. Francis Middle School Book Awards, or the Frannies! Each day, I will reveal an award winner, leading up to next Sunday’s reveal of the Wyzbery, and Monday’s unveiling of the 2013 ALA Book & Media Awards*

First, a word from our sponsors.


Ah, that’s a glorious word, isn’t it? All right, time to get down to brass tacks. The Frannies were first instituted in 2012, and one award was given: the Wyzbery. In 2013, we have expanded the awards to 8: one per homeroom (two 7th grade and two 8th grade), 3 genre awards, and, of course, the Wyzbery for Best Book of 2012.

The students have each read at least one book from 2012, ensuring that every voter has at least one dog in the race, so to speak. The students chose the genres we would be awarding this year, wrote the criteria for the awards, nominated titles, gave speeches explaining how their book met the criteria (and should therefore win the award), and, finally, voted. I have compiled the votes, and will be over here smirking like a jackal as I know the winners. And they’re goooooood.

The awards will be revealed according to the schedule below. All reveals will be posted at 7 PM EST, unless otherwise noted. When the posts are published, they will be linked here.

Sunday, January 20: 7A Book Award
Monday, January 21: 7B Book Award
Tuesday, January 22: 8A Book Award
Wednesday, January 23: 8B Book Award
Thursday, January 24: Realistic Fiction Award
Friday, January 25: Fantasy Award
Saturday, January 26: Dystopian Award
Sunday, January 27: The Wyzbery
Monday, January 28: ALA Book and Media Awards* (at 11 AM EST)

Good luck to all books published in 2012 and their authors!

*I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure the American Library Association desires no affiliation with the Frannies.


9 thoughts on “Announcing the 2013 Frannies!

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  9. A fabulous way to get students reading and a bonus that the readers should be able to support their choice for the awards. I’m curious to the winners of the Frannies…I’ll be checking in.

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