2013 Frannies: The 8A Class Award

Welcome back, everyone, to day three of the 2013 Frannies! We begin the 8th grade section of the awards this evening. The 8A class (my homeroom — YEAH!) is comprised of 12 boys and 5 girls, all of them made of awesome. Their reading tends to vary wildly, as some love graphic novels, others prefer dystopian, and several of the guys can’t stop reading modern historical fiction/war biographies. But when it came to this award, they were able to find some common ground.

To the awards! [Again, if you’re new here, it is imperative you read that with the same “TO THE BLUEBERRY!” voice used in the show Psych]

One book is named as an 8A Class Honor Book:

TeenBoat!TeenBoat! by Dave Roman and John Green

TeenBoat! was a recent find by my students, but an instant hit with them, as was the award winner. So, with no further ado, the 8A Class Book Award Winner is. . .

This Is Not My HatThis Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen!

This is one of those books that just couldn’t hide on my bookshelves. The love they had last year for I Want My Hat Back continued into this sequel of sorts. But enough from me; let’s hear what the voters have to say:

This Is Not My Hat is absolutely superb and great for all ages.”

“He’ll never catch me!”

Mr. Klassen, we are glad to grant this award to you. And personally, I’m excited to award it to a Canadian (as I have a not-so-secret crush on all of Canada. . .though it’s secret enough to be relegated to a parenthetical statement, apparently). Your award will be kept for safe keeping in our classroom until you can come pick it up.

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