2013 Frannies: The Realistic Fiction Award

Welcome back to the Frannies, everyone! Today after school, my students were sharing the existence of the Wyzbery and the Frannies with their forensics coach. That’s enough for me. We’re famous!

Today marks the beginning of the second wave of awards. The first four awards were voted on only by each homeroom. The next four were voted on by all students together. The first three of this second half are the genre awards. The genres were chosen by the students, and then they decided upon criteria for the awards, gave speeches, and voted. We begin with the Realistic Fiction Award.

For this award, 80 ballots were cast. The top two books received 54 of them. These kids weren’t messing around; they knew what they liked.

There is one Realistic Fiction Honor Book:

TFiOSThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This gives TFiOS one award and two honors this Frannies season, with one more award it is eligible for. Not too bad. However, not to be outdone, the Realistic Fiction Award Winner is. . .

WonderWonder by R.J. Palacio!

This is the second win for Wonder, to go along with one honor this Frannies season, and, like TFiOS, it also has one more award for which it is eligible. I suggest that all those who would desire Frannies for their books make certain the cover is a blue field with black over white for the graphic. That appears to be the formula for success.

That and really good stuff between the covers, supposedly.

See you tomorrow, everyone!

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