General Announcement

When I started this blog, my thought was that it would be primarily a book review blog, with occasional snippets from my classroom. And that’s what it’s been. But I find that then I box myself in to writing certain types of reviews or not posting other things because it doesn’t “fit the mold.” And I’m not going to go out and start another blog to post those types of things when I hardly keep up with this one.


I’m going to take over my own blog. It’s going to all be literature/literacy/teaching/book related, but with no set form exactly of what goes on here. I’m free. I think (and hope) I will post more frequently, though they will likely be far less formal. And I think that’s a good thing.

For now, though, I have a move coming up. I took a high school English job for this coming school year. My classroom materials have moved, but I have not. That is happening on July 31. So I’ll probably be absent until August, but things are coming! I just can’t tell you what.

Because I’m not sure.