What? Already?

As I made and posted my VEDA Day 33 video today (VEDA stands for Vlog Every Day in August…I’m redefining what it means to be August. I mean, if a Caesar can add days to the month, so can I. Right?), I realized that most people call today September 2. And September 3 is the first day of classes. In just under 12 hours, I will have high school seniors looking at me, wondering how we will be designing the yearbook with only 2 students in the class.

And later, I will have classes full of freshmen and juniors, ready to demonstrate to me that they did their summer reading, and concurrently provide a writing sample (yes, that means I’m giving a test on the first day back — a requirement for me this year. I still say it’s better than a day full of “here are the rules, make sure you don’t forget them, and just to make sure you don’t, I’ll post them in 8 different locations around the room, and then I’ll choose which ones to enforce once we realize how stupid some of them are, leading to confusion for you and [accurate] claims of unfairness.”).

So I guess that means I should be prepared, right?

Yet there are so many things I need to do! I don’t have a bulletin board done (it will be built by students throughout the year). I don’t have my classroom library in my Booksource (I will have students help with that as they check out books). I don’t have labels on all my classroom books (ditto). I don’t know which books I’ll teach for my novels class (I’m going to see what the students have read and what their interests are). I haven’t coordinated with Jillian on Sister Classroom things (umm…yeah, Jillian, I’ve dropped the ball on this one pretty badly).

The thing is, there’s always a lot to do. And a lot of it can’t be done until the students arrive. But it doesn’t matter. Here’s what matters:

  • My students and I are going to read a lot this year.
  • My students and I are going to write a lot this year.
  • My students are I are going to speak a lot this year.
  • My students and I are going to think a lot this year.
  • My students and I are going to share moments with each other that none of us have even thought of yet.
  • My students are going to be pretty amazed when we read Wonder and they find out that “Choose Kind” is the slogan of the book (they, on their own, chose “Choose Kindness” to be the slogan of the school last year).
  • My students and I are going to have a great year.

Ready (or not), here we come.


6 thoughts on “What? Already?

  1. I am so excited to be following your blog! And we’re neighbors – you’re in Ann Arbor, and I teach at EMU! I loved Wonder so much…it was part of what spiraled me into a love affair with YA Lit and consequently, reliving my teenage years except this time with hope instead of despair. I can’t wait to read more about what you’re doing with your students this year…your list, above, is fantastic. I wish that those goals bled more freely into First Year Composition.

  2. It sounds like you and I are going to have a very similar year 🙂 I’m also teaching seniors, starting at a new school, and reading Wonder and spreading Choose Kind. Good luck tomorrow! You’ll be great 🙂

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