First Week

This week, I began my 7th year teaching. Not much compared to most bloggers and tweeters I follow, but longer than I’ve ever done anything in my life aside from be a learner (29 years and counting on that front). This is a weird position, as I’ve been at this school before, but as a high school math teacher, not a high school English teacher. So I’ve had to re-brand myself, in a way. Some first week highlights:

Linde checked out One for the Murphys and returned it the next day. Amanda is almost done with it (and by this posting, is probably finished).
Two students came in early this morning just to talk about the books they were reading.
Alexis gave me a book to return (my student computer for check-in and check-out isn’t really working) and immediately grabbed another book while I was processing the first one.
Every student today found at least one book they would read.
Tara noticed and commented on my DFTBA sign. She just may be a Nerdfighter.
The students have quickly picked up on my sarcastic sense of humor and have eased into a comfort level with it.
I called Alexis “Lauren” thrice, until Amanda told me I was wrong.
Cody and Austin have made me crack up almost as much as I’ve made them think. Which is a lot.

I think it’s going to be a good year 🙂


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