2015 CMBAs: The Second Hour and Fourth Hour Awards

Welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s announcement of the First Hour Award. Those freshmen had a great time reading and selecting those two books to award. And since we awarded two books yesterday, I decided we would announce two class awards today: the Second Hour Award (selected by 12 amazing sophomores) and the Fourth Hour Award (chosen by 16 well-read freshmen).

The second hour sophomores, like my first hour freshmen, read a little bit of everything. They like teen romance. They like dystopian. They like graphic novels. They like picture books. There’s really nothing they won’t try. They’re pretty great like that.

Of course, that made coming to terms as a class on a book a little more difficult. But there was one book that captivated them — ALL of them — from the first time they heard of it.

Then there’s my fourth hour, a group of 16 freshmen who love largely realistic fiction. They’ll branch out into some fantasy and nonfiction a bit, and there’s a group who really like their war novels. But it’s mainly realistic fiction for them. And yet, it was a book that doesn’t fit either of these categories that entranced all of them. There was never a doubt what they were going to choose as their class award. And the Instagram campaign that went with it assured its victory.

These books, for my second hour and my fourth hour, are in fact not plural, but one book. One short book, with probably not over 100 words. This one just snuck into the 2014 realm, as it was published the last week of December. But there was enough time for it to win my students’ hearts.

The Second Hour Award AND the Fourth Hour Award goes to:

Please, Mr. Panda

Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony!

Congratulations, Mr. Antony. I couldn’t believe how in love with this book my students are. You may think you wrote a gem for infants and toddlers learning their manners. . .but if my students have anything to say about it, you’ve written a book worthy of love from high schoolers as well. Your awards will be in our room for you to pick up at your convenience!

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