Jumping In

Slice of Life

Yesterday, I began writing a post stating that I was joining the Slice of Life challenge for March.

I began the post. It did not see the light of day.

I got gun shy. I got overwhelmed.

I gave in.

Today, I received a message from my friend Betsy Hubbard, who is part of the team running Slice of Life over at Two Writing Teachers. She was sending me a friendly nudge to jump on in and get blogging.

I’m still gun shy. I’m still overwhelmed.

I’m jumping in.

Who knows what this will be like! I am doing a modified version of this with my students, though, where they have to post Slice of Life posts twice a week on our classroom blog. And as we all know, it is imperative that we write beside them (thanks, Penny Kittle!). So here I am. And here we go.

9 thoughts on “Jumping In

  1. Yay! So glad you wrote. This will be fun and you will learn so much about yourself as a writer, you really will, I promise. You are given the right to call me out if this does not happen (but I know it will). It’s worth it.

    • Thanks for the push! And I’m with you. I know this is going to be great. It may take me a little to warm up to more story-style writing, but I’m excited to see that growth.

    • Yes! I can’t wait for Teachers Write this year. It’s going to be fantastic to not have a new job looming over me! I mean, aside from father. I suppose that will be a significant amount of my time and energy.

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