Slice of Life: We Have a Crib!

Slice of Life

As some of you may be aware, my wife and I are expecting our first child this summer. Like most first-time parents, I assume, we have spent a lot of time reading up on what to do, mentally preparing ourselves, but also physically preparing our home for a baby.

We were recently gifted a crib to help us be ready, and I spent some time this morning putting it together. It was a lot of fun; I enjoy doing this sort of thing.

Of course, not everything went perfectly, because that’s just not how life works. Because the house is in Canada, and this was a gift from my American family, we actually had to make the purchase ourselves and then be reimbursed. This helped save on foreign purchase fees and obnoxious shipping costs.

When we made the purchase, the store was out of stock. The warehouse was out of stock. They could have ordered one, but it may have taken up to 4-6 weeks to get in to the warehouse — and then perhaps another 4-6 weeks to have sent to the store. That was cutting it a little close, so we asked what else they could do. After looking at a few other options we didn’t like as much, we decided to go with the initial offer: we would purchase the floor model.

The thing is, we didn’t quite realize how tall the crib is. At least not compared to our car. Some straps were purchased, and we took home a disassembled floor model crib home on the top of our car. Carefully.

But it made it home. Then, while putting it together, I got to the last step. I looked at the part, and I noticed the “right” and “left” were labeled on the opposite side from all the other crib parts. But no matter; it’s mislabeled. I’ll just assemble it the way it actually goes. So I thought.

Turns out the store actually made a small mistake when they put it together for the display, and it wasn’t mislabeled. Some parts were just in the wrong spot. But after realizing that, I was able to fix this mistake and put it all together properly.

And now: tada! Habemus crib!

 photo (4)


8 thoughts on “Slice of Life: We Have a Crib!

  1. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family. Your crib story reminds me of those times I have put things together. It looks like a fabulous crib.

  2. How exciting! When my husband put the cribs together for our twins, he worked on them in our room so I could watch while I was on bedrest. Then he had the joy of taking them apart again since they wouldn’t fit through our bedroom door. Oops!

    • Thanks! We’ve been trying to take care of things early so a) our cat can get used to them, and b) my wife can rest up as we get closer. It’s waiting for the next 4 months that is going to be tough!

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