Slice of Life: Books Change Lives

Slice of Life

Today, I was only at school for about 20 minutes of class before my body decided to reject everything I had put in it this morning. I was sick. I had to go home.

However, that 20 minutes was long enough. One of my students said to me, “You’ll never guess what happened!” Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the spirits to joke, so I asked what it was. “I finished the book last night!”

This book was the first print book this student had finished all year. Audio books work well for him, but print has proven to be difficult. The smile on his face wrapped all the way around the weekend.

Then, it got even more magical. In his hands, he had a copy of his favorite book of all time. It was at the top of his 6-star book list. He knows I have not read it. And he said “Because you gave me a book that changed my life, I want to give you a book that will change yours.”

Look at those words again. A book. Changed his life. And he admitted it. And then, because he felt a connection with me as a reader, he wanted to return the favor.

There could be no greater gift a student can give a teacher. These are the days that, even though I’m sick as a dog, I wouldn’t trade for anything.

3 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Books Change Lives

  1. Feel better. How awful to get sick at school. And how wonderful to have that students share their love of reading. Hope you didn’t have a long ride.

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