Slice of Life: Getting Tough

Slice of Life

This blogging every day thing is getting tough. It was easy at first, as there always seemed to be time and topics. Now, though, it’s the end of the marking period (students’ last day is tomorrow), MRA is coming up and I have presentations to finish, and there’s always some sort of work to be done around the house. It’s a lot. But I suppose the point is that sometimes, we write crap. But writing crap is better than not writing at all.


See you tomorrow. I hope I’ll get around to reading more blogs of my fellow Slicers, too.


9 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Getting Tough

  1. Sorry, I don’t have any fish. But you’re right; you MUST WRITE, every day. At least something. A sentence, a poem, a thought. Whatever it is, we are here to hear you! My problem is I never had the time I want to read all the great blog posts out there. I’ll try to do better!

  2. Doing this every day for 31 days gives us a keen picture into the lives of our students when we ask them to just write. It is a lesson we all need to take with us – you are doing it! Hang in there!!! It’s hard – that’s what makes getting through it so much more rewarding at the end!!!!!

  3. There’s so much else to do. And it’s so hard to give ourselves permission to just “write badly” as Anne Lamott puts it.
    Wish I could give you a fish. Instead, a wish. Wishing you well as you continue to write…

  4. I hit that wall today too. It happens. We just don’t always have a well of words to draw from. Sometimes our well dries up a bit. But you are right. Writing is like this and you can’t find the words unless you write something, even if it doesn’t seem significant, sometimes it is.

  5. I feel like this stretch is always the hardest for me. We have gotten past the new excitement from the beginning but I always fall back into a good routine again. Hang in there!

  6. Hang in there. Sometimes listing all the things you accomplished in a day. Or things you want to write about. And then you have the MRA which I am sure will be filled with topics.

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