Slice of Life: A Chance to Breathe

Slice of Life

Today is a Sunday with not much planned. It’s been nice. I woke up, went to church, where the priest gave a nice homily on our duty to serve others, and then my wife and I went shopping. We’re just sort of lazing around now, getting a little cat nap in and some reading.

Which is good.

Because tomorrow, the 4th quarter begins.
This coming weekend is MRA.
The weekend after that begins spring break, and we’re taking our honeymoon trip (finally!).
Then the school year goes on full blast.
Then nErDcampMI is right around the corner.
And around the same time, our first born will be born.
Then there’s the rest of my life, being a parent.

So I’m grateful for today. And I’m sure every relaxing moment will be treasured four times as much as it ever was in just a few months from now.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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