Slice of Life: Getting Excited

Slice of Life

In two days, literacy professionals will descend on Grand Rapids, Michigan for the annual Michigan Reading Association Conference.

There are a lot of things I’m excited for:

  • Meeting up with my English teacher family
  • Finding new friends, those I’ve interacted with online and those I don’t even know exist at this moment
  • My first-ever solo presentation at a major conference
  • Friday night (so big, it gets a subsection)
    • I’m giving an Ignite talk as are several other Michigan educators. I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited.
    • There is a lip sync battle scheduled, and I just might be a part of it. I’ve picked some ridiculous songs. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
    • There will be plenty of Nerdy Book Club people around, and that makes this one of my favorite nights of the year
  • Grand Rapids: the city is just a wonderful place to be for a weekend

I can’t wait. Will you be there? Come to the Pure Michigan event Friday night! See you then!


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