This Time. . .Shall Be Different!

NB: This is an uncommon style of post for this blog. This has nothing to do with books, but has more to do with blogging itself. Don’t worry; this blog will still be about books nearly all the time. My condolences if you’re not okay with this post in the mix.

To start with, I want to make sure we’re all saying that title in the same voice. I couldn’t embed this video, so just do me a favor and turn your sound on, and click here for a 3-second video clip: Clicky clicky!

Okay. Are we all set now? Good.

The thing is, I’ve tried blogging before. A few times. I can’t link them all here, because some are so completely dead that links won’t take you anywhere (though perhaps you’re quite adept at web things and can dig them up. Go ahead. I’m not here to stop you.). Every time, I have, for various reasons, stopped blogging. I didn’t find the joy in it, nobody was reading it anyway, I became too busy. . .excuse after excuse.

But this time. . .shall be different! Here’s why:

  1. This is not like any blog I’ve done before. This is a book blog. It’s not me spouting off my thoughts on teaching or my daily life as a teacher or anything like that. It’s not about me at all, in fact. It’s about the books.
  2. There will always be content for this blog. In my other, now-defunct blogs, I never really had a set thing to write about, so posting became very sporadic and eventually non-existent. Since this is a book blog, I will always have something to blog about. I read a book, and I write a review. This is something I have been doing since the start of the school year anyway, so really, this is mostly just another place to post those reviews. This also opens me up to doing other book-related content. Which brings us to. . .
  3. I will not let myself be overwhelmed. There is a lot I’d like to do with this blog. I’m not going to do it all. I’m not even going to try. I know myself, and I know that I tend to get very passionate about something, put a lot of effort into it, then get bored/distracted/frustrated and just let things sort of fall apart. That’s not going to happen here. I’d like to do a lot of “Waiting on. . .” posts. I’d like to do a lot of “In My Mailbox” posts. I’ll probably do one a month of each. But ultimately, I’m not going to get caught up in that. I have a plan, and that plan is to post book reviews here. The rest is gravy. Too much gravy without anything to put the gravy on might sound delicious (I mean, come on — GRAVY!), but ultimately, will just run all over the place and make a big mess. I’m sticking with the meat and potatoes here.
  4. I care about sharing the content of this blog. In the past, my blogs were sort of a place for me to pretend to be organized but really just rant about things. With this one, this content is important to me. It’s important to me as a reader and as a teacher. I want this information to be out there so I can share it with those who may benefit from it. A post with me going on about how educational research is all fundamentally flawed? Some may find that interesting, but ultimately, it’s just me ranting. This, to me, is more important.
  5. I wanted a fifth item, but I don’t have one. So there’s this awkward moment instead.

Of course, there’s always this possibility: Oh no! I’m going to avoid this.

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