Mr. Wyzlic is a middle school math, literature, and religion teacher in Ann Arbor, MI. He loves his job, mainly because it involves him sharing the love of reading good books with our future.

He tweets fairly regularly at @brianwyzlic, mostly about book-related things, but math and Detroit sports find their way in there from time to time!


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  1. Hi, Brian. I’m at editor at Scholastic and we’re looking for a few teachers and librarians to share comments on books we’ve chosen for our Summer Reading feature. I read your comments on “The Lost Track of Time” on Goodreads and wanted to ask permission to use it in our article. (I sent a note via Goodreads but haven’t heard back.) Please let me know either way by getting in touch with me at cborris-consultant@scholastic.com. Thanks!

  2. I know, how funny is that? One of your male teachers is married to our Spanish teacher, May Mahares-Butsic. I would love to maybe connect our classes together for a reading “throwdown” , as I think you were doing w/another class? I teach remedial and accelerated students, and now that we’re switching to guided reading we’ll be doing all sorts of groupings in classes. So…I may be picking up some groups from different classes, if teachers are feeling overwhelmed next year. I’ll give them that option, anyway. I hope to be doing an honors 8th grade lit class – some reading workshop, some assigned full class novels. What grade(s) do you teach? (love the nerd tag, btw. I have a huge poster of Einstein sticking out his tongue you see when you walk in the door…)

  3. Hey, I have this fish….no, really.
    Ok, I want to keep the fish. But where do you teach? I teach in A2, too! At St. Thomas the Apostle! So it was interesting stumbling across you online, randomly. See my website, which is not as spiffy looking as yours, but does have a lot of links… http://www.amylesemann.com. I’m going to link to yours, because you have some seriously AWESOME categories… Amy Lesemann, reading specialist, St. Thomas, A2…

    • Thanks, Amy! I teach at St. Francis of Assisi! I find it almost absurd that it took the Internet for our paths to cross. Let me know if you’d ever have any ideas about collaborating or sharing resources.

      By the way, I love all the links you have on your site. Great collection!

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