One Little Word

I saw a few people tweeting about their “One Little Word” for 2015, and I was intrigued, but I didn’t think much of it. Then I saw Beth Shaum’s post as she shared it on Facebook, and a subsequent comment of hers that it will be her students’ journal topic when they return to class on Monday. My first thought was, “Ooh! I need a good journal topic, too!” Then I actually read her post, and Ruth Ayres’ original post, and I knew this was something I needed to do for myself.

So I began to think. What word is one that I could center a year around? What word represents an area of growth for me? And I was empty.

Then I thought, well, what word would have represented 2014? And I knew, instantly, beyond a doubt, that my word for 2014 would have been change.

Then, something magical happened. I didn’t think. I just felt. And I felt the slightest bit of resentment in me as things didn’t work out as planned here and there. I felt the seeds of anger taking root as I watched something I didn’t agree with take place. I felt my cat, Louie, stepping on my lap as I was opening up my laptop. And then I knew. I knew what my word would be.

My word for 2015:


Beautiful, ain’t it? I can’t wait to see the outcome of a year with this word. What’s your word?

Edited to add:

I’ve been thinking about this word, and there are a few things already that have come to me. I thought I’d share here.

  • I need to accept the teacher I am while I strive to become a better teacher
  • I need to accept the blogger I am while I strive to. . .do whatever I hope to do through blogging
  • I need to accept my own faults and weaknesses before I can begin to become better in those areas
  • I need to accept the students my students are while they strive to become better readers, writers, speakers, and mathematicians
  • I need to accept the things I cannot change

10 thoughts on “One Little Word

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  3. I love reading how people come to find their one little word, or should I say how the words find them. I love your word and your thoughts surrounding it. I think you will be amazed at what it can do for you. Have a great week.

  4. I have a word, but will share on Tuesday, still working out how I can approach it. It’s a great story about how you discovered last year’s word first without even working with it, and then this word, “accept” seems good considering your explanation. Best wishes for a happy new year, Brian, your first with a WORD!

  5. As a teacher I agree with your 2014 word. For me I have taken the word Peace for 2015. With all of the changes that have come and more we know are on the way I need to be at peace with those things I know I can’t change at school and in my personal life.

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