New Classroom is Coming Along; New Relationships are Here

I was hoping to have pictures and/or a video of my classroom posted by now. That’s part of why I hadn’t written a new post: waiting on me to complete the setup. But I know how I work. In some ways, that’ll never be done. But even so, it’s not ready for students and also isn’t ready for you guys. Not quite yet.

And you know why? Because of one of the most important things we can teach as teachers: relationships.

In the past week, I’ve gone out to lunch twice with my coworkers (though we’re not required to be at school yet). I’ve spent hours meeting with my new teaching partner, going over what she’s been doing, what I’d like to do, and how to make the two work together. It has been amazing. I’ve never taught high school English, and I feel so welcomed and ready to make this happen.

But it hasn’t been by accident that this has happened, though.

My teaching partner and I have:
-Made time for each other
-Put the work aside and talked about personal things over lunch
-Never put each other’s ideas or methods down, even when we disagreed
-Made it clear that we will support each other, even if we disagree
-Been open to change and compromise
-A tendency to get off-topic

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t vital. But I think these are all important things as we approach the school year as a united high school English department. I’m excited for September 3.


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