Slice of Life: A New Pair of Old Shoes

Slice of Life

As some of you readers may know, my wife is Canadian. I am not. She lives in Canada. I do not. But I’m working on that. It’s a lot of paperwork and official forms from both Canada and the United States. The biggest thing is actually the waiting period as things get processed. Today, I was working on the finishing touches on my application.

Also today, I was working on what my 9th graders will be doing when we start the fourth quarter on Monday: poetry. So it only makes sense that I write a poem today.

“A New Pair of Old Shoes”

Something new, feels like
Something old.
Traveling south
To move north.
Heading east to the girl
From the west.

Everything is backward,
Yet like facing forward for the first time.
Comfortable and easy.
At home after years on the road.
Peace. Harmony.


Some things never change.


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